How Numbers Compliment the Life?


Numbers are part of life on many occasions and decisions that are surely to affect individual on different circumstances. In their history of evolution numbers have played significant role and science in terms of counting depends on this sophisticated Number system only. There are many mysteries related to these numbers which are often tends to be quite interesting but with modern times things have changed completely. Professional numerologists are the people who can advice your name, auspicious dates and many life decision changes based on numbers only. Sheelaa Bajaj is famous name for Numerologist in Bangalore and has lot of fan following among many other skills set that also include tarot card, aura photography & scanning as well as names for Movie, Baby, Marriage dates and call upon their luck with her help of numbers.

Some people have lucky days attributed to their better results in offices, health while you will find few who have same numbers on their car keys, mobile, vehicle number, lock number and similarly these numbers are the one that corresponds to luck for reaping in the benefits from the their destiny. These particular numbers can pave the path for you to working hard in those peculiar complex situations and getting solutions that are met by your own expectations. Location of the planets, zodiac and their corresponding movements has been studied a lot in the history of Indian education. These astrological and numbers effect on individual are taken by lot of numerologists in precisely calculating your numerology as per your date of birth among other things. These numbers linked with our destiny, careers, marriage, living style and other attributes can have large affect on the outcome for path of life that you choose to live accordingly.

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These numerologists in first session only will be able to find the struggles and lacking factor in your life which they will provide corresponding solutions with. Many people have achieved their best using their advice only which corrects them in their way of living a better life afterwards. These minor name corrections or addition although unique but offers the right approach for better life solutions as they are based on individual numerology only with which you can become the master of your own future. Those who are starting their new business must also get themselves advised on business name numerology, business partner compatibility and luck numbers so that they can get the rewards of those situations accordingly.

Sheelaa Ji has one of the most profound knowledge about numbers that has given lot of prominence in this world of esoteric sciences. She has achieved lot of awards on women empowerment and hosts daily shows on national television that further adds to her popularity on regular basis. She is the Best Numerologist in Bangalore and is available for appointment right away with bookings for giving you the first session that will provide you with lot of right information regarding yourself. She has helped businessman, actors, companies and many individuals to make their careers bright and live better life style that has solutions for longer term always.


The Magician Tarot Card


In major Arcana cards of Tarot cards after the fool card, the first card is The Magician Card which is which is often placed at number zero with simultaneously used as numero Uno as well. These often provide great as they hold the preference in tarot reading respectively. Its meaning can have different meaning in the card spread as per the past present and future situations. Its upright and reverse nature also gives contrasting insights into life. Sheelaa ji is one of The Best Tarot Reader in Bangalore with her skills and experience of more than 20 years in proving the mettle to public in their insightful reading within one session only.

The Magician card is linked with the planet Mercury and which carries the attributes of logical, skillful and be intellectual to the personal reading. It is considered as the one standing in between the world of spirit and humanity. Holding his one hand towards the sky and left pointing to the earth. He is shown as the medium through which universal power is passed to the physical place through his body. Her persona is taken as picture of infinite and eternal source with snake biting itself another sign of infinity with same symbol on his head. The Magician table is assumed to have all the cards of the suit representing the four major elements of life earth, air, fire and water respectively. These elements symbolize the manifestation of mind, heart, body and soul so things can harmonize accordingly. His robe of white color defines its purity and innocence when mixed with red cloak, it becomes the power of experience and knowledge.

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If the magician is in your past situation then it shows that you are getting fruits from past excellence work and based on these accomplishments only with present seem unperturbed with harmful results in the future. In present this shows you have the opportunity to seize the situation with right skills and approach that will fetch huge benefits for name and fame. The magician card in present condition is considered as good luck and time to take that leap of faith when opportunity arises. In future stance, the magician card holds the potential that one can achieve with their right visions and covert those dream into reality.

Their combination has great significance with other cards as well. With Sun card you are using all your energy in achieving those big goals that might bring the selfish nature of yours. With The Moon one might become obsessive for realizing one thing even though he loses everything in the process. The Magician card matches perfectly with the fool card i.e. you are more successful when you are not worried about the consequences. This condition might help you generate more friends who will help you to accomplish the goals accordingly. With Temperance card you will work selflessly to help others without helping yourself even with rich sources of talent and skills. Three of wands with Magician is also another positive continuation with your success story from the beginning effects of magician only.

Sheelaa offers vast insights for personal reading with tarot cards using her skill sets for fetching the right solutions from respective hurdles and negative vibes if there are any. She has many esoteric skills and popular as Good Numerologist in Bangalore too. She has generated millions of followers with years of experience and daily TV shows have further improved her persona as Best Numerologist in Bangalore as well. People from all ages and life come here to make their solutions for living better thereafter. Many have gone and experienced a lot of amazement in one session only that have led to long term clients in positive manner. She is available through pre-booking for getting the best results for your private sessions.



How Names and Numerology plays part in daily life Incidents?


Name and numbers are two of the most significant parts that are used comprehensively in our daily basis on which the whole system works indirectly. Every person or work involved is done with special number or name attached to it. There are seven days characterized by a different name on each day with a specific number of days attached to every month. Without which there will be no logical tracking, history or any management, for which these Numbers and simultaneously naming has a lot of importance. Since time immemorial there are written historical facts that are attributed attached with these specific name, number and their mutual compatibility being studied by humans all over the world with almost all religion giving higher significance to this sophisticated system. In Indian Numerology, these are studied along with their planetary position and their effect on better understanding the complete life incidents for their past, present and future respectively.

Importance of Name in Human Life

What’s in the name? Suppose there are 30 students in class and there are no criteria for naming them separately. How is a teacher supposed to keep track of their performance, daily activities or even call them? The name gives proper identification, a special mark of qualities, behavior and personal relation being in family & friend that we attribute to that specific name only. Hence there are many circumstances for which we take help of professionals for naming special persons and days related to baby names, Business name, & personal name changes. Sheela Ji is one of the most famous esoteric sciences professional and has captured the attention of her audience through daily shows at TV with skills ranging from Numerology, Business Name numerology, Movie Names, Aura Photography, Lucky names and Tarot card reading respectively.



Similar Each Number is associated with a specific number and their properties are defined on that basis only. From 1 to 9 each number is attached to this special alphabetical character and then mutual corresponding compatible is also noted as per the Indian Numerology. There are more than alphabets that are marked for one specific number which again is separated with their respective current scenarios. They are given a number as per their ascending order with grouping based on after the single digit 9 is reached. For example, 2,11,20,29 have life numbers 2 and simultaneously their specific alphabets B, K, R alphabets for naming separately.


These numbers and name are also used to check the compatibility between two persons for their behavior towards each other and mutual understanding that allows them to live happily in their life. Marriage Numerology is one with both the partners taking their individual life numbers and checking their compatibility with each other. Sheelaa Ji has helped thousands of couples to get along and solve their problems with solutions that give them lifelong smoothness.

Sheela Ji followers also come to get their Baby Names By Numerology in Bangalore and provide the special reference right from their birth. So the child can have positive vibes around his numerology and get focused to achieve respective dream with the right approach. Her positive aura even has given clients relief and satisfaction the results with a better solution in their life too.


What makes Tarot Card one to know your Future?


Among Pseudoscience Tarot Card reading is one of the most popular among people all over the world for their respective insights and positive feedback from those who follow tarot card reading as whole. This whole system of using cards in finding the future happening brought up in Europe in the 15th century and soon spread in the nearby countries with multiple variations that led to the normal card games that are still enjoyed people all over. In India too this has attracted a lot attention from all walks of people who make their reading session through professional tarot readers. Sheelaa Ji is one of the known figures in the Tarot Card Reading in Bangalore with experience of more than 20 years in this field. Along with this she is also skilled in esoteric knowledge of numerology, Aura photography and scanning, compatibility and many more skills related to naming. Her professional tarot card reader skills are unmatched and helped thousands of her clients successfully with their personal solutions.

Whole deck of the tarot cards consists of 78 cards in which 22 cards are part of Major Arcana while 56 belong to the Minor Arcana part. The Magician, The High Priestess, The Empress, The Emperor, The Hierophant, The Chariot, The Lovers, The Hermit, Strength, Justice, Wheel of Fortune, Temperance, Death, The Hanged Man, The Tower, The Moon, The Devil, The Sun, The World, Judgment and the Fool which is last also being called as most mischievous one used as first & last both simultaneously. With Minor Arcana there are 4 suits with 14 cards each like in normal suit with playing cards which has 10 numbered cards with King, Queen, Knight and Jack for each respective card suits. Both are must for getting the right reading from all perspective that is used in combination for getting the desired results simultaneously. Major Arcana tells the dominating parts of life while the minor Arcana held the simultaneous effects of using them in desirable manner.


Those who are looking to get their reading done without physical presence details like full name, Date of birth, Time, Place of birth and picture of the person is used for fetching the insights into their life for better solutions. Sheelaa Ji is one of the most popular Tarot Card Reader in Bangalore with followers almost all over India with her daily shows coming on TV further adding to her authenticity and practices. Their used in fortunetelling has got them wide spread popularity with their followers using them to tackle their life struggles with better solutions right away. For her achievements and followership around the whole country Sheelaa Ji has bagged Best Tarot Reader in Bangalore and India at many functions too.

How Life Path Number affects Personal Character?


Since their emergence the numerology is one of the ways to predict things and old generation used to respect their nature accordingly. These concepts with younger generation are also catching up and people now use them as sign for leading a better and more successful life. Sheelaa Ji is one of the Best Numerologists in Bangalore with experience in numerology and esoteric sciences to give her followers the right direction on their respective numbers. Although human beings have their distinctive personality but numbers have profound effect on their characterization hence signifying the overall importance. With right numerological calculations a life number is assigned to each individual, which is then used as finding the right character for finding the solution simultaneously.

Based on the date of birth and year, this is how the life number is calculated by adding all the digits of your birth date i.e. if you are born on 19-05-1985 then the total is done using 1+9+0+5+1+9+8+5 = 42 which on further addition gives us number 6 (4+2) this process is again continued until we are left with single digit only. As in this case the number 6 becomes the Life Path number for that particular person. So this number is then used to evaluate the progressive path your life is going to take. A Good Numerologist in Bangalore will use only this number and simultaneously planet orientation around it to tell the life you are living, the struggles and hurdles one is facing in their life respectively. Now let’s read about all the basic character reading that is associated with these specific numbers.


People with number 1 are termed as Born Leaders with lots of energy preserved for being creative. Independent, goal driven, strength and determination are their personal characteristics associated with this life path number. Stubborn, confronting and too dependent if not risen to lead are some of the negative traits that signifies the life path number 1.

Number 2 are the natural peacemakers with most underestimated of all path number with most feminine characters. Meditating between conflicts, understanding both sides of the story, being witty still humble and enjoy routine as part of life. Being oversensitive and indecisive this gives them the negative aura which they must avoid in all circumstances to lead a better life.

Creativity is one of the fundamental traits of the people with life path number 3. Expressive, naturally gifted, emotional and yet inspirational are the personalization associated with this specific numerology. Discipline in balanced life and enjoying the ebbs & flow of life is what separated life path number 3 from others in huge manner.

If you have life path number 4 then you are completely down to earth as one of the main attraction towards personality. Goal oriented personality, live simple and practical life overall, Shy social life and are able to judge others in better manner. Easily irritated and narrow mindedness is connected with unable to focus on particular subject for longer time is what unsettles them completely.

People born with life number 5 are born adventurer with looking to make the most of the life with their particular life skills rather than waiting for any sort of help. Progressive, forward thinking and being freedom to live independently are the physical traits being attached with this numerology exclusively. Risks are part of life for these number 5 people with irresponsibleness as one of their negative traits as shown for the way they live their life.

Caretaker is one of the main personal attributes of the people associated with number 6 with charity and hard working for lifetime. Grace, Compassion and Strength, Family bonding, loyalty and devotion are one of their distinctive features. However their nature gives them negative attribute for slow in practical world that led to their down fall if career oriented.

People with life number 7 look to make things with perfection with positive intent with their whole lifetime. Gaining as much knowledge as you can, relying on intuition and taking wise decisions for taking those swift calls in life decisions. Over thinking is one of the largest negative attribute being attached to 7 people that led to their downfall with pessimistic approach in life.
People with number 8 are well balanced with business mined that can develop a huge potential if used carefully. Frankness, honesty, quick judgers and strong relationships are part of their personal characteristics. While People with number 9 are considered as compassionate with most balanced life number with honor, aware as one of the most positive traits of your life.

With Sheelaa Ji you are destined to follow the life that serves all your purpose with positive intent and more meaningful. She has more than 20 years in experience for providing these services. She also runs daily show on TVs and many businessmen, politicians take advice for her expertise in making big decisions in their life respectively. You can also book appointment for avoiding life hurdles with appropriate solution with right Numerologist in Bangalore.


Synchronizing Your Destiny and Luck With Right Numerological Predictions


Life takes a lot of turns that decide what you will achieve in career, family, financial resources, land, foreign visits and securable future accordingly. Numerology is assumed to be connected with all these in way very sophisticated manner that if used correctly one can make achieve their dream in life respectively. These numbers, planets, zodiac signs, destiny and luck are inter-twined in such a particular manner that it needs professional understanding with skills and experience to get the right solution with respect to individuals. Sheelaa is one of the most renowned numerologists who have helped millions of its followers with right guidance related to these amazing numerological predictions.

Evert individual takes birth on that specific date and time, these two then becomes the most important aspect in making the accurate numerological predictions for your life. Life number and destiny number is then used to find how the current scenarios financially, personally as well professionally is going to turnout. These are matched with the astrological positions with planets and signs marking which can have positive and negative impact on the results of your life. These numbers calculation is based on the largely the combinations that will always work in your favour. These predictions will give you insights and information that will help you takes those complex decisions in more sophisticated manner.


Marriage Numerology is one part that can match the compatibility of the person that is suitable for making life better in all terms. This specific destiny numbers guidance is important so you can live better and prosperous life rather that stuffing yourself with meaningless relationships that will just more pain in your life accordingly. Many of her followers who got married after connecting with Sheelaa ji came for their Baby names by numerology in Bangalore so that their next generation can also have the right benefits from start itself. These services have benefitted people from all walks of life more positively and with higher success rate. One needs to follow the right guidance and adjust the solution for making the correction in the conditions accordingly than all the path will lead to success for all issues pertaining to your problems accordingly.

Business people must also use these services for making the decisions on right date and timing for starting their newer establishments and projects accordingly. Business name numerology is another one important thing that Sheelaa ji has made a lot of name in delivering best performances for her clients with lucky dates that matches the partnership and the business type you are involved with. In many business names you will see that extra letter being added to their names which works wonder in making strong performance on profits side accordingly.

Along with numerology Sheelaa Ji has profound knowledge in esoteric science field including tarot card reading, Aura Photography and Scanning to make different aspect life predictions. She has become one of the most known TV numerologists with her daily show on daily TV show that has further added to her charisma. With more than 100000+ clients served in her life and 20 years experienced she has placed positivity in making people life better and more prosperous always.

Sheelaa Bajaj’s Numerological Services Will Pave The Way To Your Success


If you look at numbers from a perspective other than that of digits, you will realize that these numbers come with a certain dose of mystery. If you ask what the mystery is all about, the answer will be pretty short and simple. By solving the mystery of the numbers, you can be able to get to analysis your past and that would, in turn, help you to understand your potentials which will assist you to achieve your goals in the present. The art of numerology is not restricted to your past and your present about at the same time a high quality numerologist will aid you to pave the right path for your future.

In today’s world, one leaves no stone unturned in the bid to earn fame in life. It is an undoubted fact that fame comes with success. In this context, it is extremely crucial for you to take a note of the fact that the suggestions and advises of a top class numerologist can ensure that you reach your goals. If you are in search of a top quality Numerologist in Bangalore, then consulting Sheelaa Bajaj S can surely be your best decision.

Being one of the Best Numerologists in Bangalore, Sheelaa Bajaj holds the repute of providing impeccable consultation to over 30,000 clients. Apart from that, millions glue to their TV sets to watch her daily TV show on Tez TV.



What Are The Services on Offer?

With the aim of serving her clients in the best possible way, Sheelaa Bajaj offers a wide range of services.

  • Numerology Services – Based on the clients’ date of birth and the numbers that keep on coming back to the clients’ life, Sheelaa Baja helps them to understand their past and based on the understanding helps them to realize their strengths which help them to build a future  that is no short of glorious.
  • Lucky Date Numerology – If you are looking forward to start a venture or an enterprise and wish to gain unimaginable success through it, then starting it on your lucky date can be a great idea. Come to Sheelaa Bajaj as she will help you find your lucky dates.
  • Business Name Numerology – Taking assistance to Sheelaa Bajaj while naming your business will make your business run on a smooth path and you can achieve success with ease and grace.
  • Baby Name Numerology – All parents across the globe want to ensure a bright life for their kids. While naming your kid, consult Sheelaa Baja to gain numerological insights about your kid’s name.
  • Movie Name Numerology –The entire cast and crew along with the producer and directors work and invest huge amount of both money and time to make a film. Consult Sheelaa Baja as she will help you choose the most suitable name for the movie from numerological point of view.
  • Compatibility Numerology – Be it a marriage or a business partnership, here you will get the best suggestions on compatibility numerology.