Signifying The Value Of Number One In Numerology

Numerology is study of life events that occur in relation to the related number for every individual. Now these numbers with 9 digits only are often affected by astrological phenomenon and their position. These all things are combined in meticulous way to get the perfect path going forward for your personal teachings by numerologists. Those who are looking for Good Numerologist In Bangalore  Sheelaa ji comes as the right package for comprehensive information regarding multiple esoteric sciences. She has provided right guidance and path for hundreds of clients across India and internationally in making choices for securing their future respectively in career, family and business choices. Here we are going special preference on understanding the basic predictions related to number 1.

Life Number 1

Those who are born on 1st, 10th, 19th and 28th are considered to have 1 as birth number. Whereas on adding the whole date, month and year of your birth will give your life number. These numbers are the first things in consideration for making life predictions about individual personality. For example if you are born on 12th May 1982 than your life number will be 1 (1+2+5+1+9+8+2=28= 1).

Now these are then added with positions of the astrological bodies that are connected with your number and their present position in determining future possible outcomes in life scenarios. Fire element and ruling of planet Sun is their essential part of being number 1 which is shown in their personality trait simultaneously.


 Positive and Negative traits

These people most often like to lead in their group and are more ambitious determined to take the path leading to higher choices. You will see the traits of honesty and loyalty in doing fair deals of life and business as well.

These people will not hold by your pity emotions and will look to dominate things in their life. Rather than just waiting they look for unnecessary choices in leading them to success which falls short in longer format.

Business Relation to Number 1

People with numerology 1 are always prone towards work related to government i.e. state govt jobs, tenders work or any related agencies and they are highly supported from all other circles for making success. NGOs, Religious organization and politics seem to have high favour for those with number 1 ruling. Trade, real Estate, Teaching, Medical field are considered better career options for people with number 1. People with numerology of number 1, 4, 8 and 9 are mostly found compatible for doing business with.

A, D, I, J, M, Q, T, Y are the first character mostly associated with number 1 life number people. While for marriage competency 1, 2, 4, 8, 9 are the best numbers in their ascending order for perfect match up respectively.

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Understanding Tarot Cards Deck

Tarot card reading has gain a lot of popularity in recent years as more and more people are approaching this fundamental solutions that arise from millions of combination of respective tarot card decks. The way these cards tell truth and unprecedented nature of the future predictions have made lot of followers in real life who take all their decisions after reading tarot cards specially. Here we are going to get more information regarding the deck used for tarot card reading specifically.

Tarot Card Deck

In Tarot card reading there are two basic classifications in 78 cards that are available in the whole deck. They fall into either Major Arcana or Minor Arcana category respectively while each of them has 22 cards and 56 cards respectively.


Major Arcana

These 22 cards are the dominant factor in the tarot card reading with their values and direction used as direction for making the right decision affecting your present and future prediction considerably. Each card is represented as number that signifies its meaning related to your current life standings and then solution is provided accordingly to the minor cards affecting in relation to the positive and negative interpretation that comes out after tarot card reading.

The Magician (Number 1), The High Priestess (Number 2), The Empress (3),  The Emperor (4), The Hierophant (5), The Lovers (6), The Chariot (7), Strength (8), The Hermit (9), Wheel of Fortune (10), Justice (11), The Hanged Man (12), Death (13), Temperance (14), The Devil (15), The Tower (16), The Star (17), The Moon (18), The Sun (19), Judgement (20), The World (21) and last one which is used as both first and last one respectively accordingly to the spread of the card is The Fool (Number 0 or 22).

Minor Arcana

While following the supplementary role to the Major Arcana cards there are 56 Minor Arcana cards which are also termed as suit cards, minors, pips and terms that are related to regional names. When Tarot cards are spread for individual reading Major Arcana acts as the main source of information as these 56 minor divulge into more information and insights into details and descriptions respectively.

In classifying the minor arcana deck of 56 cards these are 4 sets of 14 cards that are given values and information related to Major cards only. These four major names are Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles while there are known by many names their classification of four sets remains the same. There are 10 singular cards in each one of these set with starting as Ace followed to number ten with single addition then Page, Knight, Queen and King in higher value order respectively.


Major Arcana cards are also coloured with prime ones while Minor are gives extra shades and hues to mark their extra influence for separate effect on particular card and combinations. Tarot card reading is done on the basis combination of these cards in which millions of combinations are available.  Sheelaa ji is famous name for Tarot Card Reading In Bangalore with his exceptional skills in brining the right path for your life choices from selective cards. For more than 15 years Sheelaa ji has done yeoman services as Numerologist In Bangalore gaining the fame and recognition in esoteric science field respectively. Get your booking for right life path decisions now!

Planets and Numerology

Numbers have been long studied for their connection with life prediction and personality behaviour which we collectively known as Numerology. But when they are combined with planets formation and their impact on present life it becomes Astro Numerology. There are twelve Zodiac signs that planets fall into and subsequently the personality behaviour of the life numbers with individuals creating positive or negative scenarios respectively. For best Astro Numerologist in Bangalore you can contact us right away and we will connect with our beloved Sheelaa ji who have 15+ long years experienced in giving positive life changing predictions.


Zodiac Signs

In Our current Milky Way galaxy around the sun there are nine planets that are revolving around the Sun in elliptical path. This 360 degree path around Sun for circle has 12 equal 30degree sections that mark twelve different zodiac signs. So when these ruling planets get into these houses change in the personality and behaviour of individual living on earth in studied with specific Zodiac Signs.

Number 1 is linked with Sun and people in these life numbers have A, I, J, Q, and Y as their starting alphabets should have as their first name. For Number 2 ruling planet is Moon with B, K and R as their respective first name alphabets. Jupiter is connected with number 3 and C, G, L, S as their starting alphabets. Rahu (Uranus) governs with number 4 and D, M, S alphabets respectively. Mercury rules the number 5 with E, H, N and X first alphabets to start their respective name with. Venus is connected with number 6 subsequently with U, V, and W as first ruling alphabets. Ketu (Neptune) is presumably connected with number 7 with O, Z as their primary alphabets. Saturn (Shani) concerns with Numerology based on number 8 and its desired effect respectively whereas number 9 is thought to be connected with planet Mars with no alphabets.

How planets effect your personality?

In Indian Numerology there has been close links studied for so long and predictions are given with their respective ruling house and life number. Every number has specific favouring planets while other might result in faults and bad behaviour. So when these planets who revolve around Sun changes their Zodiac signs in their movement direct impact on persona of the individuals is expected. These predictions and assumptions are based on the long studied behaviour of the human patterns written in the ancient books of the Indian tradition. Planets have their respective negative or positive effect on the ruling individual based on the Zodiac house they currently are.

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One of the most recommended uses of numerology is done in Baby names. These names have the direct influence of personality, destiny and as well as life character in combination with numbers directly. Numerology defines that there are relationships between almost all life statements with numbers. These numerical combinations plays considerable role in predicting life defining moments and decisions that can change the outcome to better life.

Sheelaa M Bajaj is considered one of the best Numerologists in Bangalore with lot of recommendation for naming the new born and making minor adjustments in your names that will give better advantages in career and business decisions altogether. In naming baby two main things are generally taken and studied that we are going to discuss now. These basic numbers have specific traits that they display in their life and alphabetical order to start with first name of the baby.


Alphabetical Order

All twenty six characters numbers in the English language are given numbers which are based from 0 to 1 respectively. Counting starts from one (1) and so on which results in characters A, J and S are given number 1; B, K and T 2; C, L and U 3; D, M and V 4; E, N and W as 5; F, O and X as 6; G, P and Y as 7; H, Q and Z as 8; I and R as 9 respectively. These numbers are assigned as the first digit only for baby name. When the complete name is pronounced the total must also be calculated in adherence.
For example: Manoj is defined as 4+1+5+6+1 = 17 which is further reduced to number 8. This number reflects that the person with Manoj name will have its character and personality defined around number 8.  This number is often called as your life number.

Numerical Traits

These baby names are made according to special number now these also simultaneously reflect physical traits as per their life number. Starting with number 1 who shows qualities of leader, they are cool headed and has charming personality to deal with. Those with life number 2 are gentler in their physique with more flexible routine in their life and are better when placed in job of visualising. People with number 3 life number are brave and more systematic approach in their decisions plus they are considerably art lovers. Creativity, religious and emotional nature are the domination trends in with baby names that have life number 4.

Romantic and diplomat are the defining characteristic for number 5 with high intelligence. People with number 6 are more responsible in their duties and generous in personal behaviour. Now with number 7 are positivity, optimistic with better understanding and thoughtful decisions are usual personal traits. People with 8 as their life number are power seeker, stubborn and show confident in their work. When comes to number 9 people are intelligent, orator and generous towards doing their daily routine in life.

Now using these number combinations predictions about life partner, success in business and other similar things are done by numerologists before providing the right fix for your life situations. Many parents have consulted baby Names By Numerology in Bangalore with Sheelaa ji and with her guidance as well as experience got their baby named according to personal preference. She is well known personality and got fame with her daily shows on Aaj Tak TEZ channel. Her appointments are open to all people and are met with right guidance as well as life solutions.

Understanding Numerology of Number 1

Numerology is one interesting topic of the esoteric sciences that is known to have deeper effect on the life of the human beings. Each number from 0 to 9 transcends different characteristics, personality, behaviour, career choices and compatibility choices that correspond to life. Here we are going to understand the multiple patterns, variations and numerology predictions associated with number 1.

Numerology of number 1 is conveyed when people are born on the date with 1st, 10th, 19th and 28th of any month. There are many great religious heads, political leaders and administrators have with excellent future predictions. Whereas on the bad side you will have enemies if you don’t work hard things might fall apart very easily. Poor visions, hyper tensions and heart diseases are most often associated with numerology 1 persons.


Those who are born with number 1 numerology they are ruled by Sun. People associated with number 1 are often show leadership drives as well being complete independent and individualistic in approach. Physically masculine focused, maintain dignity with confidence and proud in the things they do. These number 1 humans are born aggressive in doing their activities, progressive, self starter, self-reliant as well as constructive with rebellious nature standing on their point always. Being associated with primary number 1 they have primal force within themselves to create balance between life choices without exemplary skills after being related with number 1 specifically. There are few positive and negative characteristics that are assumed with this numerology of number 1. Politics and government jobs are most suited being judgemental. Although there are also few negative attributes being shown to have connection with number 1. They can be selfish, stubborn undisciplined and weak in health that can be found surrounding the people associated with this number 1.


Marriage compatibility number 1 is good with number 2 and 4 although with number 2 are more ideally matched for lifetime whereas number 4 leaves them after few good years. Whereas those born with number 8 also shows greater affinity towards with people born on number 1. Marriage with same number 1 is to be completely avoided as both will try to dominate each other which results in quarrel and fights. For normal life 3, 5 and 6 are good numbers too with minor adjustments that will carry your life forward. Number 7 and 9 might not live happily married life with number 1 born. Although there are difficulties and implications but with some simple numerology solutions you can reduce the wrong effects of these unmatched compatibility between numbers.

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Finding The Right Life Partner With Numerology

Numerology is based on the numbers from 0 to 9 so with every number there are corresponding numbers that allows suitable compatibility between the two respectively. Each number is assigned with pattern of energies, strengths, weakness and planetary vibrations affecting their life in normal point of view. Similarly when combined with your partner numerology the compatibility solutions are derived which helps you both secure long term happily married life.

There are predetermined numbers that shows greater suitability with each other. Using this numerology expert advices are provided with minor adjustments that you can make for more preferable logical life solutions. Using these forecasts Sheelaa Ji has helped thousands of life partners for better like-minded choices. Many famed celebrities from Bollywood and TV soap operas have taken advice for best life solutions that will lead to prosperous in present and future.

This compatible numerology often guides one with better life partner choices giving insight into relationships analysing the differences and similarities that you two will face in the upcoming future. These life changing events can results in beautiful chemistry and decisions that both will cherish in their lifetime with forever happiness. And Sheelaa ji with his vast experience is the perfect choice for numerologist to begin this journey of life.


In Numerology there are more solutions than you can imagine if compatibility needs some adjustments than appropriate right guidance is given. This guidance is purely based on Numerology between two life partners for enhancing the compatibility over long life. These similar numerology services are also available between clients, business partners and associates for getting the right benefits from business dealing as well as property matter. You can also opt for numerology guidance based on birth, lucky date, movie name, baby name, aura photography & Scanning as well as Tarot Card reading under our esteemed services.

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Star, Planets and Cosmo’s position are the things that are running continuously in this universe. Our ancestors developed theories and laws governing their combinations using advanced calculative theories. Numerology is one of the main branches that deal with these astrological phenomenons’s mainly about naming the new born babies, starting new business and changing the surnames etc. Although these changes are minor they tend to have larger effect on the prosperity of the results that one achieve after changing them respectively. These minor changes can result into better recognition and positive energy that you require in large amounts to make desire changes in personal life


Number from 0 to 9 i.e. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 in between are taken into consideration to have any significant effect on your business outputs. All the dates you are born with are regulated with simple mathematic composition. This is done by adding the digits are born on, business you start with and name of the business that you are starting and on which date. Like for example you were born on 3rd March 1990; so numbers are 03-03-1990 adding the digits i.e. 3+3+1+9+9+0=25 which on further disintegration gives 2+5=7 so 7 becomes the number according to which your birth numerology will be defined exclusively. This above process is continued until we come across the single digit solution.

Now each of the number used in the Indian number system 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 corresponds to success and failures in respective field. Every number favors some business with lot of achievement combined with astronomical positions of the stars and planets favouring your personal status. Like if you have number 1 associated with your business than one enjoys complete support from activities that require government involvement (Tenders, forms, application and laws pertaining to your business). Politics, Trading, Real Estate, Teaching and medical field are some of the guided solutions that favour with this number 1. Also you might be required to correct some minor changes on the right date and names that must do to get the best results from these scenarios.


Those obstacles and frustrations that one phase in their life is governed to those lucky and unlucky start that collaborate with your number philosophy. Every business is checked for their present name, owner’s date of birth and corresponding planets in coming up with solution that will 100% benefits you in all way.

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